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Besides being always prepared with a very well built program, he was always time conscious to ensure the whole program was completed. If you know what you want, Nathaniel can build you a very constructive plan that will build your foundations and expose imbalances in form, strength and endurance. Nathaniel has experience with very heavy weights many times more than his own body weight. Nathaniel ‘s heavy lifting requires him to have a deep understanding of the muscles that will support you within your movements, preventing injury and giving insights to what muscle needs to be the next focus.

I highly recommend Nathaniel Galloway as your new personal trainer and would ensure strong growth physically both in strength and form.

Peter Zumbach

I trained with Nathaniel for about 5 months, from November 2019 to March 2020 after switching from a different trainer. Nathaniel has been a great trainer right from the start and has been extremely professional.

I was impressed with Nathaniel’s positivity as well as his ability to empower me to stay healthy and exercise properly. Nathaniel was patient with me, keeping in mind my strengths as well as my limits while tailoring my workouts. He pushed me to test my limits and provided me with great tips to maximize my workout by focusing on specific muscle groups.

I also appreciated his comprehensive approach that incorporated my eating habits, stressors on my health and challenging exercise techniques. Under his guidance, I was able to eat a lot healthier and definitely get stronger, which boosted my energy levels and confidence .

At the end of my training sessions with Nathaniel, I was able to lose 15 pounds. Even though, my training is complete with Nathaniel, I was able to apply the knowledge I’ve learned from the sessions and lost an additional 10 pounds.

Training with Nathaniel has definitely improved my life and I strongly recommend him as a trainer to anyone who needs guidance to achieve their goals!

Varsa Lakshmanan